.....tie up - fetter bed or seniors bed, etc.  


I am building on a bed for my mother, very high (so senior-level height for easy getting up are mostly from 50 cm high mine is still a little higher with mattress we come loosely on 65 cm well) and of course very stable (should actually be my tetherBut I changed it to a seniors bed without shackles.) Of course, I make it a guide and the bed costs with hard wax oil and all well under 100 euros and there is nothing like a bought bed that was more expensive.

Besides, my mother is already looking forward to it and yes a slatted mattress with 1 meter width and is then more difficult to find a bed rack for it. Most are then 90 cm wide or even the oversize 120 or 140 or even 160 cm wide.

Yes I know the most interested here rather what messy and so a seniors bed is there for you but the whole can also be loosely attached to the shackle postponed or immediately pimped.

That I then build later and so everyone can also build a bed for his children (we are honestly for 100 euros there is not a bed that can last longer than a year as a bouncy castle) Children are just times children. I have however also already experienced beds which were more expensive and then with a violent fuck, one lay one floor lower or it wobbles so that one is already sea sick.

That everything is there with my not. It is simply built and very stable and also suitable for slats of all sizes, you just have to adjust the dimensions but the principle remains the same.

So it can be quite interesting for some and who thinks he needs both ...... A bed for a visit - children or seniors or themselves and does not want to stand as a small SAU. To be said .... my bed can be quickly converted from a normal bed to a fetter bed.

All the things I build have always added value, so I develop for years my own BDSM furniture, sometimes unimpressive and that is then to be used for our dearest fetish.

I thought for a long time how to build the bed and had a lot of good ideas.Unfortunately then have to reject it. Each one was good but not good enough for me. Sometimes it was not an insignificant bed anymore and then I had no idea how the very stable is to get there .... Or how to get the slatted floor with mattress then fixed without it can break.

Only now after nearly 1 year came to me this idea .... Simpel yes really so simple, which one thinks, why has the long term used for it?

Yes, I also ask myself, it was actually obvious but as so often. Either you build twice or you have an idea that can be implemented immediately. Most of the time you build twice because the first design shows what you can do better, but it is no longer possible to apply it. With the bed, I know that you have to build it only once and can be used several times.

Normal bed without shackles or as an elderly bed, yes also later the same lower than normal bed or even for the restraint or even for an elderly retrospectively a protection against accidental drop out or a stairs for the beloved pet also an Nachttisch can be simply installed in Any position. I think that one afterwards even more possibilities invade the bed.

Latex glue - BDSM Furniture - Equipment and accessories build - instructional videos simple well explained and built quickly  

Yes it is that BDSM is an expensive fetish and not everything fits or like one ..... the price.

This page tells you how to make the great BDSM furniture and even much more ... such as latex clothes and even as you enjoy BDSM safely in your life.

In www.extrem-SM.com you can also admire the furniture in the future and see sometimes in action.

Here we show how to build BDSM Furniture which also add value have either easy to store or are in addition to be used even more than once.

Two left hands ???
No place ???
Not so much tool ???
I have no idea and no plan ???

These are from today no more excuses - we'll show you how you can rebuild everything without their own workshop with limited space and show you alternatives for nonexistent tool but almost everyone has a drilling machine with a screwdriver and maybe even a little more at home.

Also always explain what you should take and why and where it is best to buy a small material science. You see everything you can do it super reconstruct and rebuild. As we develop the furniture part itself and always pay attention to versatile usability, there are some even replicate and accessories, so that you can do with little .... much.

Then you build your furniture yourself and have more fun because quite honestly live with their own home-made furniture is more fun BDSM (really proud when the slave is cool) and you satisfy them can and a lot of money you will save in any case because of our things are always the pervert surcharge of up to 1000 percent pitched.

In addition, not everything fits, or do you like or there is simply not to buy ?? Then build it yourself !!!

You missing an assembly guide ??? Then write us Info@Anleitungsvideo.com