Of course it comes with a low-cost drill, clearly a brand machine of course has great advantages because they get along quicker in all situations, with almost every wall and in general, you should also last longer.

But for the House Used really go cheap if you do not just have concrete floors where her pure will. Since it may be that it's not even good drill. Had I been in high-rise building, because I have half an hour purely scratched a hole.

My drill is good but not the most expensive but now it comes with all the clear and goes like butter purely in concrete with thick drill but of course not a professional scanner like now a Hilti No I have so a never used but I think when I see the people with a drill of thick as my two fingers and the concrete is in pure and goes as would my intended strike. But I need fortunately not such a thick drill and therefore a good middle-class enough for me out completely.
These are expressed as significant differences easy. Even an inexpensive drill is quite in the wall but not necessarily with a 12 drill or greater. So a drill Einhell I would now use is not necessarily a big hole in the concrete wall sorry even if the company itself certainly would like to see as a professional machine manufacturer with competitive price. It's so Hausfrauenkram but certainly better than having no laugh.

The one can take wonderful for wood drilling, have therefore quite a benefit for us, if you want to change the drill bit does not always, or at the electric screwdriver does not want to change the bit against a wood drill.

With drills can certainly replace a cordless screwdriver or electric screwdriver and wonderful screws reindrehen (ie stop the percussive hammer, otherwise you hammering purely screws grin) I've done and use quite my old Black and Decker or skill drill for it. Practically, it is when she has the right to the left running then you can also order out screws again.

So in drills should not save you, in all honesty that pays off. Of course you can buy the drill bit from Bosch or Andren brand manufacturers. I also have a Bosch Set around 15 euros was the one that is really good and also holds long, that is, the tip so the drill bit is still perfectly although often used. But now not in the gray Plastipackung for 5 euro with 10 drills best yet SDS laugh well will not last as long as a rule.
But I usually buy drills from Alps which are just specialized and produce nothing else, and of course that is already an advantage in that if you have a brand name familiar as Metabo drill sets or Makita. Since I have heard and read since the reviews on Amazon are unfortunately rather deterring a lot of bad. Clearly one thinks of such names because if I buy a drill bit of the good. Opinions as genuine unfortunately sometimes apart, I do not think that restore themselves, but shopping more convenient with their name on it. Of course, the devices of which now have left out the most outstanding reviews and I am always with Metabo also satisfied except the bit holder in the set well but the bits are okay, the better from Wera. I say quite honestly I think it's even a shame if the company is ruining their good name so because I think at some point you say to yourself hey this is in the machines as well? I would at such a good name say our machines are expensive and tip, so we also sell the expensive but top quality. That's why I buy so then things would rather of companies that make only that, I believe that one then there is nothing wrong with making.

 I buy when then what of Bosch, which has never let me down or even Alpine drills because I know that the just do nothing else and thus the nose should have front.

Because you can certainly get cheap from, but I always buy the purpose dedicated to matching drill, ie there are also differences of the quality that you get. In the Alps there is the same drill in price value and medium price to tidy expensive.
The very expensive, of course, from better materials and have special alloys tip and god knows what and yes you can certainly very long and precise work with it, I usually buy the medium quality from and to the very expensive and is fair to say keep the very expensive forever and go in like butter.
A special feature even with metal drills you can drill in wood that goes if you do not Holzbohrer has wonderful and there are quite well-Purpose Drill a compromise but that remains up to you.

I have a drill with SDS recording, that is, I do not need turning crown to the drill switch and that's cool, because it is faster, the drill always is secure and does not resolve, please note that you use the Bohrfett to lubricate the drill so the cream for the drill, thereby keeping your expensive machine longer. Lubricates all, you should use. Think about it metal on metal friction, etc. When you hammer it should be there with SDS recording.
I SDS hammer drill and use it for any wall and can thus but if you work carefully that goes well in tile drilling, of course there is this extra-drill of course I know that it goes even better with the extra drills and of course an extra concrete drill extremely Schneider 4x works well better than with double cutter.
Holzbohrer there are also different, for larger holes over 14 mm it is easiest to Flachfräßbohrer and otherwise the wood twist drill both I of Alpine also clearly very cheap but because a part is ever canceled. The I of the Alps not really work very precisely into the wood and fringed, so always best results, because I have quite the only inexpensive so not very expensive ranging from completely for my purposes.

Special drills, we will hardly need our buildings, so that's what I use and my experiences with it are good and no I get no money for advertising. I work so happy and know it will be good.