Cordless screwdriver or electric screwdriver
So I have both, of course, once the electric screwdriver has the advantage that he has more power than a cordless screwdriver and also with lithium ion batteries. He is never empty, of course, the cable does have disadvantages when you quickly want to make what often elsewhere or has outside and no electricity.
So need one does only one (grin do not forget turn off the percussion drill, otherwise you hammering pure screw) actually for household use and if you have a drill with right left running, you can watch the well I quite well with an old Black and Decker Drill very much screwed, a lot of strength. Reindrehen however had no right left running and when the bolt was in there and you had to do it again new, manual work was then announced, so you can do that quite so with a small drill, screw goes marvelously.

Of course I had an infinite number of electric screwdriver, more or less noname always, clearly you think about 3 times in the prices but those things are usually really crap, especially the batteries last not even for one summer or many of screws.

I know people who have a Makita or Metabo Cordless Screwdriver nearly 20 years and with the old batteries (because there are now replicas of batteries that are even not even evil (there are not so many battery manufacturers such as one might think in the Watch List), as then, with picture tubes from television, clearly marks there was enough kinescope always came almost by one of the few picture tube manufacturers who were always brand name. That's why sometimes looks at the great houses if their TV buys and provides times the image yourself, you will notice that the brand devices are set perfectly just the cheap products with little margin not. Unfortunately, yes so that's the brand manufacturer no longer necessarily a lifetime. Because the also cheap junk shop. Sorry I digress) If you got a good used findetals without batteries Tip )

So do not be blinded by the voltage, amperage is decisive and the power transmission and the torque is critical and is important for determining the quality
for example, a cheap product, looks good, feels good in the hand, processing seems to be horny and price as well. I watch my battery to fall on the 18 volts so high amperage is 1 Ah and 24 Nm so Newton meters, however, has the brand appliance falls twice as expensive, and seems less to offer only 14.4 volts for but already 1.5 Ah and max. Torque soft: 20 Nm and max. Torque hard: 40 NmAt idle speeds, the brand machine also at an advantage with idle speeds is from 0 - 450/0 - 1600 / min now falls on the cheap product with 2 steps metal gears only 0-350 U / min and 0-1250 U / min less come off , does not matter?

Well the cheap product will not be able reindrehen so many screws and also not in the strength of the material as brand name equipment, because the torque and amperage show the brand machine has this neat advantages in strength and quantity.

If you have ever tormented his cheap cordless screwdriver with a very thick screw in thick wood, will know what I mean, if he needs to pick up the hammer and the bolt slams it all.The wins clearly goes to the branded product, only twice as expensive but essential benefits at work, which will make really noticeable over time.
A car the cheapest also makes you to your destination clear that expensive also but more convenient and faster is the expensive, simply and pay at the on pollutant I think sometimes really why the little lawnmowers in the bodywork relative to the giant ship has hardly any significant differences in pollutant value output and Consumption? The small but would have to emit much less actually.

The example shows you you can both work, it is your decision what do you use and why. I myself use the cheap electric screwdriver Einhell because of the long tip that I have now. Which is not wanted by Einhell but should be a Schraubtiefenbegrenzer actually, well then they would have the ugly plastic insert to fasten well so that it works and not departing the time. I like to see the screws like and therefore was for me the best choice.I also have the small Parkside Lidl screwdriver with lithium-ion battery for the car bought when I would buy the Bosch twice as expensive clear. For some screws if something should be enough of me.Cordless screwdriver I Metabo yet and am pretty neat prepared I guess. You see I also use cheap products but they have to give me an advantage I use and need.Therefore wisely buys your tool and not only pay for great and cheap price.

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