Anchor use and I buy only from TOX namely the Tox-purpose dowels in red or white.
The holding in cavities, plasterboard no problem they contract and ready to keep top in the wall and rotate with never what I unfortunately can not be said of Fischer dowels. Ever since the first time I've used this Tox anchor, I was excited and buy them only and no I do not need a special plug, because the get along with almost any situation.
So I do not think that will do it a different, of course I have when I am building sometimes also need to buy a special plug, because it comes to heavy-duty but for the normal flat, attach kitchen cabinets or so for me there is nothing better.
The white plugs have a small edge, so that he can not in the hole clean slides and do well and hold. The Reds have not these little edge but I have red walls, so red plugs fit as well laugh. There is now not the major differences I would take if the white with the edge so it everyone has easy I guess.

Anyone who knows my cross from the TV, do not know that it was attached to a plasterboard wall with Toxdübel but now and has held. Clear is also because what specialty of Fischer dowel so especially for plasterboard hm clearly why should I use the? If I with my all-purpose dowels from the Tox hammer out just as well and I have the dowels eh?
I have thus never once, even in difficult walls, very old walls, where fishermen anchor by shooting always when tightening or slipped out because the tox dowel have always held.
No they are not times more expensive but less well-known, rather build the much swear by it and know it and who has used them once, will buy nothing else more.

Of course there are still specifics and for any purpose a dowel. I have only fixed hoist our example with a screw and there already have people drangehangen with 200 kilos, of course, that has not been made with the purpose fixing, but will cost a special dowels of 1.50 euros. These are exceptions but you will need no other anchors in most cases.
I also use dowel of Tox is simply when you build a beam or stud framing and ceiling or wall brings a real relief, of course, I could have done all purpose plugs with the Ifs but faster? Then there are so anchors that are by the bar, then move into the wall and then reingehauen with hammer and not screwed and then sit bombproof.
But this is already more then laugh so towards professional and makes you if it is to go fast.

So what we are going to build there, she always comes from the studs and will usually need no other anchors, no matter what wall you have. But just different sizes I usually 6 and 8 dowels in use.