I personally use and prefer the knob version that you hold on the motor. It has the advantage that you can cut from below and thus only sees the blade. This is only sometimes necessary but for me is a jigsaw Ironing not as good as the händelbar with Knauf. I have a better feeling and can better cut it.

I recommend quite a brand machine, even if it is expensive. There are always good deals even with top brands such as Makita and Metabo or Bosch. I would now not discount goods generally make bad but I have my very long already and going through even when using thick planks and beams, something the cheap machines do not necessarily create. Unfortunately I had quite want to sometimes save money but if a more machines break down, then much is not even really expensive.

So anyone who has as I worked with a Metabo, will remain or migrate most to the next highest mark.
There are also sometimes like Bosch color differences that green devices are the DIY tools and example are the blue for the Professional (the then quite look the same) but just in blue but it then usually cost 200 euros more. Metabo is evergreen and Makita always blue, the machines are seen priced in the upper range but still quite affordable and considering the joy at work they can make it pays well to buy a brand device, not necessarily the device which 30 euros will cost but it must be less than 500 euros. So 120 to 160 Euro you get good products even Metabo is and Bosch appliances are to have even a little cheaper.

To prevent fraying when sawing wood, always cutting from the "bad" side. The "good" side while sparing because the saw blade works against the workpiece surface. Modern machines "blow" the sawdust from the cut surface, thus remains the "scribe" visible, along which you want to cut. Lately, there are also models with laser devices which make it possible to perform without scribe mark only with a destination point a straight cut. Another accessory there are lateral guide rails in order to be able to cut parallel to straight edge and the rear connector for dust extraction via a vacuum cleaner.
Especially with saw blades should Markenqulität buy from companies that specialize. While thus the drill set for 5 euros looks great but in the wall do not come necessarily so.

But I would also stress that these things even if there Metabo Makita or Bosch draufsteht then bring not reflect the quality as specially tool companies can produce them but they are quite useful in any case better the Boschset bought as the noname product the most truly no joy makes.

I'll explain in more detail but in Accessories

Updates with sabre saw