I personally would recommend bits that and a bit switch robbery Dreher (call Bithandhalter grin wide) of a good brand (ensures that no sharp edges that may give some unfortunately despite brand name, the next one can already be without) which have the advantage that they are not working with a round, but with a hex blades. This can sometimes fix a wrench, thereby increasing the force to rotate.

I always prefer to work with asterisk screws that have the advantage that you slip even less can slip out or work and thus naturally much more suitable for the cordless screwdriver or electric screwdriver, but are also particularly at Bitsch robbery turners make it easier. You can use more force and sink screws even better.

The advantage is that you can pay more for a bit and thus buy higher quality, yet all screwdriver has available one needs and really hold much longer. So for example, a Metabo, Makita, Bosch, or even like Hitachi Bitset the costs by 10 to 16 euros and also have a bit holder in it. I would say so, the bits are okay and definitely keep better than NoName Bitset but who as a bit of Wiha or Wera buys perhaps individually 4 euro cost, which has even more quality, I mean since tens of years and they are really been claimed.

Had previously Whatever the cheap bitsets bought and after the broken away during rebuild so quickly and I've stabbed with the screwdriver in his hand. I bought me a single bit for 5 euros and still holds. Indeed, real Weh.
So I can personally recommend and I buy in case of loss (and by that I mean not broken, but lost) always like one of the two companies.

Of course, I also have a set Metabo Hitachi and the bits are okay the bit holder well so my cost 17 euros and yes that is cool. Yes singly only the bit holder, not with bits together grinning broadly.
My Bitsch robbery Dreher is by Wiha my bits and bit holder for the cordless screwdrivers from Wera most. Of course, it becomes apparent whether it comes from a pure tool producers or as Metabo example. from one of the well andres makes and thus not one to which he can make. But how to think can be quite good, but not top-notch products. You can buy it safely and also save money and also work with long, no question. Do you want quality, I think you know what you need to look for her.

In addition, in all honesty .... if you're building then you will also have your favorite nuts and how many do you use? You will perhaps as 5 bits permanently need what good you the tool case with 40 screwdrivers? Because you may have times an unknown screw? Pool

If you purchase a conscious, saving their money and have tuned long joy fluppt work.
No, unfortunately I get no money for advertising of individual brands, I just want what I have to work as it should.

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