I use most like only the so-called star screws, the advantage is obvious, it slips less and can always spend the full force that a Phillips screw does not offer me to the extent although the opposite screws are a blessing of course.
However, each screw is good händelbar with a good screwdriver or bit, and you have always what to do will be taken into account and then the screw pick but when it comes I'll take the star screws and especially who are screwed by hand screws outweighs the advantage But Phillips screws also with battery and electric screwdriver. Screws To Avoid rather laugh no chance with the cordless screwdriver to handle reasonable.
They do not even cost more and watch the you buy either packages or can weigh themselves. Where you can buy separately the screws, it should be to weigh. Since her otherwise per screw paid more than if you auswiegt that. It's so. Rather take another hardware store or buy packets.

Of course with screws huge differences, here has for me Spax screws in the lead, of course that is the best for me. Who uses that will know what I mean, which rotate purely by itself and are like little drill for drill, clearly expensive and I use it more often. Drill a small hole so often before so it does not uproot, then they can also be super sink. Clear with Spax screws I do not need that.

Spax screws differ from classic wood screws you as loose Kiloware gets mostly at the hardware store by a different relationship from the outside to the core diameter, that is here the core diameter is relatively smaller. A special feature of Spax screws is their patented wavy thread. This Einschraubwerkstoff the front end of the screw will be wiped out and the subsequent thread can continue to spin with less friction. The risk of loosening the screw under dynamic loading is thus significantly lower. The undulating thread, and the constellation of the threaded tip at a specific angle to the pitch wearing the wesenltichen to the fact that the applied torque when screwing is low. In addition, very little material is displaced, what the risk of tearing or splitting a workpiece to the screw insertion to minimize the so-called splicing. Chipboard is this much more vulnerable than most natural woods. Generally it can be almost completely eliminated for each workpiece to a drilling mostly even.

Clearly the benefits are obvious but frankly I buy it less often but when I build something special, then I always take Spax screws because they are honestly really the best for me but I also buy the cheap package at Aldi or such a. Must then just drilling or grinding away on the edge of something if I do without it and if I do not use pre-drilling, I know it takes longer until the screw into the wood will last. As a small tip goes the gavel once carved on the head, the screw rotates once pure. This also saves the drill.

It is my experience and unfortunately I get no money for advertising, you shall only know a little more so that you have it easier and not immediately throw in the towel because the screw does not want to clean.

Updates with Star screws and cross-head screws